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Hi there, I'm John Elliot V. If you need to get in touch check out the contact page.

Basically this wiki you're looking at, called the Sixsigma wiki, is my public wiki at Sixsigma is a nickname of mine that I go by so that's why my username is Sixsigma here. It's a bit confusing I guess to have a wiki called Sixsigma and a user account called Sixsigma... but if you think that's bad I also have a server called Sixsigma! The reason for everything being called all the same thing is that the 'sixsigma' server was initially setup to by 'my' server, so I named it after myself, and then I set up a wiki on the sixsigma server and since it was going to be the wiki 'for that server' I just called it the sixsigma wiki, and then I created an account for myself and named myself Sixsigma. This was all at the time when I was going back to uni to study philosophy and the Sixsigma wiki was initially put together to be the place for my university study notes and I had decided that in all of my university accounts I would use the username 'Sixsigma'. This is because the name that I usually go by, jj5, didn't meet the criteria for usernames when I went to sign up for uni (I don't remember exactly why, maybe because of the '5' or more likely because it was too short). Anyway, that's basically the reason why every bloody thing is called sixsigma.

I picked the name 'sixsigma' as a pun on the quality management process by the same name. There were a whole heap of subtle 'in-joke' kinda things I meant to imply by that at the time, but years have passed, and I don't really remember what I was thinking when I decided to call myself sixsigma. I think it had something to do with me suggesting I was interested in 'quality' and that I was an 'outlier', being six standard deviations from the mean. I'm pretty happy with the name still but will only ever use it for university accounts, usually I go by the name jj5 or just John. My manifesto is titled with a list of names that I am known by.

I seem to have pages about who I am and what I'm interested in scattered all over the internet. So, rather than creating yet another page that I have to keep up to date with information about myself how about instead I just list for you the places you can go to find out more about me? If for some reason I have taken your interest you can check up on me at the following places:


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