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Hi there, I'm John Elliot V, and this page has my contact details. I keep this page up-to-date so that my old (and new) friends can always track me down.

If you need to get in touch, try any of the following:

  • Email: (pro tip: put "Hi John!" in your subject line and you will land in my Important folder.)
  • International: +61 4 3505 7839
  • Mobile (Australia): 04 3505 7839

You can visit my homepage at for links to more info about me, or check out the Main Page of this wiki. You can read more about me at my Sixsigma profile.

As alluded to above I have a mail filter rule which moves anything with "Hi John!" in the subject line into my Important folder and marks it as Important. I get thousands of emails per day so I can't function via email without some fairly complex mailing filters. If you try to contact me without putting "Hi John!" in the subject line and have never otherwise contacted me via email before then your odds of me actually seeing your email are very low, and yes I am sorry it has come to that, I do wish I had time for everyone.