jj5, Goblet, Gobmax, Beardy, DJ Mort, Plantus Maximus, Sixsigma, Jay Jay, Johnno, Mini: ME!

I stole this from Blizzard. Cool, huh?

Programmer Fashion Strategist, and REAL ULTIMATE PROGRAMMER, at your service.

I design software. It's awesome. It's a shame there's never enough time.

I'm a wannabe artist, a pseudo-intellectual, and a fabulous dancer.

I think I'm clever. An antidisestablishmentarianistic (sic.) revolutionary (sic.). ...and hardcore.

It's almost a shame I'm not. I'm actually pretty boring. A nerd, if you will. No, really.

I'm smart, and funny, and perverse. I give no more than 100%.

I have heaps of computers, and, um, stuff.

I misspent my youth, but can't bring myself to regret it.

I love scuba diving, with Pete's Dive Club, and the crew.

I'm a caffeine junky. Believe me, it's worse than it looks.

I smoke. I love it. ...and I'm not even sorry.

I never quit, except when I do.

I've been on the winning team. I've been on the losing team.
I've been the apprentice. The child prodigy.
I've been the boss. The loathsome tyrant.
I've fired, and been fired.
I've been the great hope, and the great disappointment.
I've been a tremendous success, and an embarrassing failure.
You too?

I'm a drop out, and a drop kick. I've been burnt, and I've been bashed.
I've been pushed around, used up, put down, heart-broken, shat on, and kicked out.
I've got a lot of angst. I'm paranoid. I'm abrasive, and confronting. I'm a chef!

But don't worry yourself too much about all of that -- we're all winners.
I'm interested in one thing Neo: the future.
I haven't completed the training programme, either.
I carved out a beautiful space for myself. I love my life.

Speaking of love: I *love* music. I won't tell if you won't. Oh yeah. Psy-trance baby!

One day, after I have become indisputably the best computer programmer in the universe,
I'm gonna be a DJ. It's my true calling.
This programming gig is just to satiate my masochistic needs.

I love my family, and my mates. I care about my country, and yours.
I care about Truth, and Justice. I Search for the Meaning of things, and for Quality.
God and I have a few things to sort out in the afterlife. Or, not. I can wait.

Oh, and I can't spell. Mail me.

Remember the past. Live in the present. Dream of the future.

Be the change in the world you want to see.

My web site is Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional so, ner. Ner, ner. Hehe. I should sleep more often.

Stickin' it to The Man!

What? I'm just standing here!

p.s. I started a club! ProgClub, the Programmers' Club.