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I have a bunch of computers in my office and my lab. First is 'tact'.

Status Type System Host Disk config Location Networking Green IP Orange IP Red IP
planning workstation jj-wrk-3 charm office Wired
live workstation jj-wrk-2 tact tact disk office Wired
live workstation jj-wrk-1 orac orac disk office Wired
planning server happiness happiness disk study Wired
live Raspberry Pi jj-srv-4 beauty office Wired
live server jj-srv-3 compassion compassion disk office Wired
live server jj-srv-2 love love disk office Wired
cancelled server simplicity office Wired
planning laptop jj-mob-3 hawk office Wired / Wi-Fi
live laptop jj-mob-2 condor office Wired / Wi-Fi
live laptop jj-mob-1 falcon lab Wi-Fi
live iPhone vili office Wi-Fi / GSM
obsolete iPhone odin office drawer Wi-Fi
live iPod Touch bragi lab Wi-Fi
live Kindle kindle office Wi-Fi
live scientific calculator EL-546L office


My next workstation will be 'charm'. My current workstations are 'tact' and 'orac'.


My next server will be 'happiness'. My current servers are 'beauty', 'compassion', and 'love'.


My next laptop will be 'hawk'. My current laptops are 'condor' and 'falcon'.


My current phone is 'vili'; my old phone is 'odin'; my iPod Touch is 'bragi'; my e-reader is a kindle; my scientific calculator is a Sharp EL-546L.


I have a pair of airgap disks and some other stuff in my office and my lab.