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This page provides information about John's personal projects -- typically open-source computer programming and systems administration projects. Copy the project template to get started on a new project.

Active projects

John's current projects:

Prospective projects

Projects that are only in their planning phase are recorded here. Maybe one day they'll make it to real live active project, but until then we won't kid ourselves.

  • Peace, unity and light: bring harmony and enlightenment to the people of the world.

Completed projects

Stuff that's finished. Latest on top. Note: I don't believe any project is ever truly 'finished', but if a project goes into production and there are no active plans for working on the next version of the project then it gets listed here. If a project's development status changes then it can be moved from the completed projects list back on to the active projects list.

  • jjview, John's ViewVC project.
  • jjpma, John's phpMyAdmin project.
  • jjwiki, John's MediaWiki project.

Contributing to projects

That's cool if you have a contribution to make. Basically the projects here are my personal projects and the project support infrastructure is geared only to support my development efforts, not so much the contributions of others. But... if you have a contribution to make I'd love to have it. Basically you can send me the code for your contribution and I will include it in the jjrepo repository provided that you agree:

  • to have your name (and a link to your website or email address) added to the contributors section on the project page
  • to license your contribution under the terms of the project

So, as long as you're happy to do that, then I'm happy to accept your contribution. Sorry that I'm not making the infrastructure for these projects more broadly available, but for security reasons it's important to me that I'm the only person who can change the code in the jjrepo repository.

If you're looking for a place where your contributions are more welcome, i.e. where you can hack on projects and have checkin permission along with infrastructure for running your code, then why not head over to ProgClub and register?

Starting a project

To start a project add a link to the project page to active projects above then copy the project template to get you started.