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2004-05-27 013045

Thu May 27 01:44:00 UTC+1000 2004


I came home tonight the long way.

I got a cab to drop me off down the road.

I was going to go and get a kebab for dinner.

I went to the local pub.

It's always busy there on Wednesdays.

The guy from the kebab shop said it right when he commented this evening “Yeah.. uni students.. fresh meat”.

But that was later.

I was in the pub.

Before I got in all the clones were standing in line with there wallets in hand to present there *ID* (oh, I'm sorry, I mean *proof of age*)

I walked passed the little fuck heads.

Straight through the door.

The bouncer touched my shoulder and said: “How many drinks have you had tonight?”

I said “A couple. I've been at the football. They don't let you drink there”

Then I walked inside.

I bought another beer.

I went downstairs.

Usually I feel uncomfortable in a pub or a club by myself.

I guess that's because I'm not really sure how I can accomplish my agenda of finding a female to stick my dick in prior to convincing her that I know people who think I'm worthwhile.

I didn't feel like that tonight.

I was happy to be there.

But I hated it.

It was pathetic.

I watched one guy on the dance floor for about half an hour.

I empathised with him.

I've done what he was standing there doing before. I have probably looked as much like a pathetic fuck as he did too.

Funny how it works though. (Yeah, as in, *not funny*, as per usual)

Some chick tried to be coy with me. But she was a skanky ho.

In fact, I don't think I saw a person there who's behavior impressed me at all.

Actually, that's not true.

One of the bar staff walked passed me and picked up some glasses on the floor that I had almost knocked over, after they had been there for about an hour. That was very dilegent of him.

Some pretentious little bitch sat down immediately behind where I was standing on a step. I didn't know she was there. A person needed to get past me to my front. I steped back a little bit. She elbowed me really hard in the leg angrily like I had done something nasty to her and deserved her physical expression of anger. She stared at me. I looked at her. I saw the brief look of fear in her face before she looked at a male in her company. He looked at me to see what was up. I looked at him. He looked at his toes. I went and got another beer.

People are pathetic.

Oh, didn't I say I was going to go and do something else..?


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