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2004-05-27 005901

Thu May 27 01:28:00 UTC+1000 2004


<expels air through mouth with pursed lips consistnetly for a few seconds>


I'm watching the cursor blink on my screen.

This evenings post might be stranger than most.

I think that I'll press submit at the end regardless of what I write.

Often I come here, and write up a post, and then decide not to post it.

I guess it's the old story. All I really wanted to do was get something off my chest by verbablising it, so after I've writen it I have accomplished my goal and there is no longer any point in sending it.

I wish I had my own record of all the posts that I've written here and decided not to post.

But I don't.

I've been thinking lately.

I'm involved in some theological discussion at the moment in a several forums.

I had a chat with my Dad the other night about stuff.

For the best part of 5 hours he listened while I told him how it is.

That's really awesome.

Fuck you.

I went to the football tonight.

I had a mate turn up and I got a ticket at the last minute.

I guess I didn't really have any fun.

For the sake of others I tried to.

But I didn't.

Because I was late in getting a ticket, the seat I was allocated was on the other side of the station to my friends.

I tried to go in the same section as them, but the machine wouldn't let me in.

A fat guy with a blue shirt and a badge said something about how “The computer won't let you in here”.

I thought about that as I walked around the stadium.

This is the same stadium that the 2000 Olympics were hosted at.

It sort of felt like a lot of concrete.

I could hear a lot of people inside. Making lots of noise. Stamping and shouting.

Apparently that's what having fun is.

There was music playing. The lyrics were:

“I'm a slave on the minimum wage”

Then the music was dulled slightly and someone with a deep male voice explained:

“Welcome to TELSTRA (WE OWN YOU TM) Stadium. You are reminded that you can not drink, smoke, breathe, communicate, exist or otherwise make your stay in this venue any more expensive for us that we have anticipated. If you fuck us, we'll fuck you back harder, and we have big dicks and like sticking them in tight arseholes. Enjoy the game! Oh, X-Box”

I wasn't really cool about that. But I kept walking.

I went in my gate.

I stood somewhere for a while, knowing that I had to make my way to the other side of the stadium to find a seat I hadn't been alocated so I could sit with my friends.

Some person with a yellow vest came up to me and said: “You have to move on. You can't loiter here”.

I said, “Yeah..” and walked away.

Other stuff happened.

I walked around the stadium to get to where my mates were.

Separated by about 30m there was one queue of zero length for an ATM and one queue of two for the bar, and two queues of 30 for an ATM and four queues of 50 for the bar. The long queues were behind the cheap seats (where I was sitting).

Ah, fuck it.

There is no way I could even begin to say what happened to me in the flesh, and in my mind in the last two days.

Besides, you're a fuckwit, and you can not possibly understand me.

I'm going to go and find something else to do.

I wish I posted the things I didn't post.

I'm not spell checking this.

I'm pissed off.


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