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I wonder if people get pissed off when you run your own agenda in *their* forum?

Fri Feb 27 01:05:00 UTC+1100 2004


I've been wondering about this lately. I've posted all manner of outlandish, possibly off-topic or pedantic commentary around the place, and I wonder whose noses I'm getting out of joint. Probably no-ones, this is what everyone does right? You've got something to say, so you say it. Your reasons for having something to say will always be based on 'your agenda'. I'd say lately, only about 5% of vocal people are wankers, which is pretty good considering..

Nope, I'm crapping on. Not typing anymore.. must stop.. got other things to do.. can't afford to get stuck into this discussion.

Mental note: think more about this when I lie down in a few hours, in those few lucid moments before I pass out. Then think of milkshakes. Mmm, milkshakes..


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