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Screw you guys, I'm going home.

Fri Feb 27 00:50:00 UTC+1100 2004


Figured I might as well blog about this, while I'm sitting around waiting for it.

I'm just writing an e-mail to a mate. He sent it in HTML format, and I converted it to Text format, I'm using Outlook (hold on 30 seconds while I try and find out the version) 2002. Every time I get a dialog box from Outlook these days the CPU rails for at least 20 seconds before the dialog appears, then after I hit either OK, or Cancel, then it rails for another 20 seconds before the dialog goes away.

This has only been a problem that has begun in the last two weeks. I'm not sure exactly what has caused it, but I'm 80% committed to blaming NewsGator. I downloaded a trial for this a bit over two weeks ago, and finally parted with $50 to purchase it this morning. In my heart, I know that it's buggy software that is shagging Outlook, but I purchased it anyway, because *in principle* it is totally kick arse (at least it will be once I write my own stylesheets for my news feeds).

I can not describe the anger I feel when I am forced to stop thinking for 20 seconds while I wait for my computer. If I'm doing 'serial processing', i.e. writing an e-mail to a friend, then I've been 'blocked' for 20 seconds, I hate unutilised brain cycles.

In fairness, the other 15% possibility is URL run, which I have installed recently (it's an Outlook add-in too) but I tend to doubt it, since this shitty Outlook behavior has been pretty noticeable since day one of NewsGator. The remaining 5% is there for the 'I haven't rebooted for 6 days' factor, and the 'something else that shouldn't have impacted Outlook but did anyway that I did to my system is the culprit' possibility.

Anyway, someone is a ballbag, and I think it's probably NewsGator.

Dear NewsGator,

I want to love you, but I just can't bring myself to do so while you are using my mail client as your fuck buddy. Please stop IDRPCing Outlook.


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