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I went live today..

Fri Feb 27 01:16:00 UTC+1100 2004


There are two emotions that programmers have:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety

See, when you are working on a project, all there ever is are deadlines, feature requests, bugs, and not enough time. During this period you experience stress. Lots, and lots of stress.

Then finally a day comes, D-day, or 'the day'. You know that day I'm talking about right? The day that you 'go live'. This is the day where your work ends, the stress is over, the project is 'finished' (of course, it tends to be immediately replaced by another one, but that little 'annoyance' aside.. :P). On this day, when the stress ends, and you have finally finished the last little configuration tweak to the live environment, what next? That's right: anxiety. This is the part when you get to sit around, 'hoping' that nothing goes wrong, wondering 'what could possibly go wrong', what might have been overlooked, what people might say about your software, and you sit by the phone, hoping beyond hope that it doesn't ring, checking the logs files every couple of minutes just to make sure there are no errors, glancing at your pager every two minutes 'just in case it went off and you'd missed it'..

Ah, I love anxiety, it's so much better than stress.


p.s. I just ran my spell checker over this, and for the first time in living memory I have managed to write a solid paragraph without one single spelling mistake! ;)

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