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Because I want to give Rory in his capacity as Microsoft marketing bitch my (humble ;) site usage statistics

Wed Oct 6 20:50:00 UTC+1100 2004


I'm entering Rory's stupid contest, and I'm lowering my chances of winning by telling you about it, too.

(except for all you champs who run Proxomitron (or undead equivalent). God loves you.)

p.s. Linux! Mono! Java! FireFox!

[Update: now with added ALT text for those who actually are running a re-writing proxy.. (oh, and the blind)]

I always picked Rory for one of those punks who didn't care for the blind! ;)

p.p.s. Update, p.s.: that's some bad grammar. Talk about, feral, commas.. I thought, I, was bad..

( I wonder what I'm signing up for here..? I reserve the right to bail on this competition pending the *actual* questions. :)

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