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Wed Oct 6 19:57:00 UTC+1100 2004


Either I got spammed, or for the first time ever someone else has used my email address and signed me up to a forum ( where confirmation was not essential ) without my knowledge or consent.

Could be either, almost 50-50, but if I had to fall one way or the other I'd say someone signed me up for a mailing list. Although I haven't been to the web site or taken much action to try and ascertain the validity of the person who sent me the 'newsletter', and the fact that I didn't get a confirmation request first tends to point to the illegitimacy of the site. So, who knows..

I'm no stranger to various forms of cyber stalking ( I mean, just think of how many of you bastards lurk here and have never posted a comment! ) but this one was a bit different..


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