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On negative sentiment

Mon Sep 27 06:55:00 UTC+1000 2004


Dave posted about figuring out the sentiment of a message.

That's easy! First draw an S. Then draw a more different S. (Oh no.. wait..)

Dave: “How could anyone ...?”

If you ask a question like that (at least, according to the way I've been socialised) what you are really saying is:

“I can't believe anyone could ... because I have a negative sentiment for the subject.”

And even that's a lie. Because “can't believe“ isn't true. What they mean is that they “don't understand.“ Usually the lack of understanding causes the negative sentiment. Either that, or they “do understand“, in which case they're definitely lying or in the worst state of confusion (the state of confusion where you think you know something but in fact you are wrong).

I make negative sentiment FUN!!


p.s. btw: Dave, can you please take the 2d planar graph that is a dictionary and serialise it to a 1d list with equally dependent items sorted alphabetically. I'd like all the words in the first group. Thanks!

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