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Mon Sep 27 06:16:00 UTC+1000 2004


I'm so boring. I keep listening to the same music.

When an awesome song comes on, I think “you know, I really ought to post the lyrics to that.”

Then I realise I already did.

I'm conflicted at the moment. You see, I agree with people who say that you want to surround yourself with friendly, and pleasant people. In turn, you want to be a friendly and pleasant person. I also think it's important that you are honest, and not afraid to be assertive. Lately however, I've been really upset with everything. I find it really hard to find something nice to say about the world that isn't a lie.

I've been trying to sing more praises. But I can't find good things that aren't mostly bullshit.

Kind of depressing.. hey.

I don't want to be a whining bitch. But I'm not to going to not not not be a whining bitch just because someone else is pimping a lie.

Quadruple negative! It's like positive, it's just harder to see it! Complaining is the only positive thing I can do.

Oh, and I just plain like swearing. Cunt.


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