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This is one of my Xbox projects.

I'm gonna build a power supply which I can use to power and test Xbox motherboards and HDD/DVD drives with less risk of electrocuting myself...

There are three different types of power supplies used in Xboxes, and I'm planning to emulate support for all three, perhaps, eventually. Gonna start with 1.0 - 1.5 compatibility, then maybe 1.6.

Power board types

According to the guy from Everything I've Ever Learned About the Original Xbox Part 2- Motherboard Revisions there are three versions of powerboards:

  • Type A: v1.0 - v1.1
  • Type B: v1.2 - v1.5
  • Type C: v1.6

I'm gonna start by making a Type B power supply. I should be able to reuse the Type B supply with a different external cable for Type A support. Type C I will do last and will make a whole new power supply for (if I have to, I will use a cable if I can, this will be reviewed later).


This is a quick drawing of how I intend to layout the components in the enclosure:

The divets for nuts will be put into the PVC sheet so it can clear the attached fans which will be bolted into one side. The PVC sheet will also need some other notches cut in order to accommodate the enclosure.

There will be two 20pin MOLEX pin headers attached to the epoxy laminate board (on the back left in the drawing on the right side), one internally to connect to the power board and one externally for attaching the external cables.

External power cable

An IEC C8 male Figure 8 power cable will run out of the enclosure on a short cable from the back right for use as the power inlet. Internally the inlet cable will be attached to an IEC C7 female adapter which will plug into the internal wiring. The internal wiring will take in power from another IEC C8 male adapter which will be wired to the switch and plugged into the power board. The power board is taken from an old Xbox (use a v1.2 - v1.5 Xbox for this purpose) and receives its power from a C7 female adapter, might need a right angled one?

Internal power wiring

The internal power wiring will connect the external power cable to the power board via the power switch. I got one of these 1Pc IEC 320 2-Pin C7 Female To C8 Male Right Angled AC Power Adapter Converter adapters for use on the power board.

Power switch

The power switch will be an E-TEN 1021 Handle High end Quality Silver Contact E-TEN(C)1321 DPDT 12MM 15A 250V AC ON-ON 6Pin Reset Rocker Toggle Slide Switch Waterproof switch. The switch will be attached to the internal wiring with two 6.3mm female lugs.


I ordered a bunch of enclosures so I could evaluate them. The ones I got are:

I'm gonna try with the first one (the black one). I got the PVC sheet to fit in that one.

PVC sheet

I'm gonna attach the internals to a PVC sheet, which I will bolt into the enclosure using spacers and probably some countersunk screws from the bottom.

I got 8 pieces of PVC cut to size from Plastics Online.

PVC Sheet - Cut Size
Thickness : 4.5mm
Side : 254 x 174(mm)
Colour & Features :
Clear Nanya PVC

A thickness of 4.5mm was a mistake, I should have got smaller.

Epoxy laminate board

I want some unclad (no copper) PCB material to mount my MOLEX 39-30-1200 Pin Header, Power, Wire-to-Board, 4.2 mm, 2 Rows, 20 Contacts, Through Hole Right Angle pin headers to.

Apparently PCB material is often glass-reinforced epoxy laminate, also sometimes called FR-4 (Fire Retardant 4). I searched for epoxy laminate board and found a bunch of options:

I purchased:

External power cable

The external power cable will be of two parts, one part for motherboard power and the other part for hard drive power. Each part will be 1m long and connect to the enclosure with a single plug.

Inside the enclosure I will secure two MOLEX 39-30-1200 Pin Header, Power, Wire-to-Board, 4.2 mm, 2 Rows, 20 Contacts, Through Hole Right Angle pin headers to some epoxy laminate board, one exposed externally, and each attached to each other. The internal power board will connect to one of these pin headers, then an external cable will be made to connect to the other one. The external cable will have a MOLEX 39-01-2200 Connector Housing, Pull Tabs, UL 94V-2, Mini-Fit Jr. 5557, Receptacle, 20 Ways, 4.2 mm on one end with two cables attached:

The 4 core wire will be attached to a AMP - TE CONNECTIVITY 1-480424-0 Connector Housing, Commercial MATE-N-LOK, Plug, 4 Ways, 5.08 mm and there will be two ends for Type A and Type B support: