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Here are some notes about soldering temperatures. I'm not sure how authoritative these numbers are. For notes about sources see this and this. For info about my actual soldering station see Horusdy Soldering Station.

Tip temperature

You don't want to exceed the maximum tip temperature or your tip will melt and be destroyed.

Maximum safe tip temperature is ~380°C (~707°F), not sure where I got that number.

I have heard recommended tip temperature is ~300°C (~572°F) but not sure where I got that figure. At the moment the settings I am using are:

  • Soldering iron: 337°C
  • Desoldering iron: 365°C

What others do

Richard from Learn Electronics Repair uses 399°C for his desoldering tool.

I was in a video from Bruce of Branchus Creations where he said he sets his soldering iron to 400°C, but I've melted tips at those temperatures.

Heat gun

Over on How To Remove Electronic Components - PART 1 / Soldering Tutorial Mr SolderFix sets his heat gun at 380°C for removing ICs from circuit boards.

Melting points

Solder Material SI Code Proportions Melting Point
Tin-lead SnPb 60/40 183-190°C
Tin-lead SnPb 63/37 183°C
Tin-silver-copper SnAgCu 96.5/3/0.5 217-220°C
Tin-copper SnCu 99.3/0.7 227°C
Tin-silver SnAg 96.5/3.5 221°C

Temperature conversion

°F = 9/5 °C + 32
100°C 212°F
125°C 257°F
150°C 302°F
175°C 347°F
200°C 392°F
225°C 437°F
250°C 482°F
275°C 527°F
300°C 572°F
325°C 617°F
350°C 662°F
375°C 707°F
400°C 752°F
425°C 797°F
450°C 842°F
475°C 887°F