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These are the packages I'm gonna install by default on my Kubuntu systems.


Installed packages

This is stuff installed on 'tact' that we want to re-install after the rebuild. If the package is blank that means it is installed standard with Kubuntu and/or our standard salt config.

Section Program Description Debian Package Ubuntu Package
Development KImageMapEditor HTML Image Map Editor kimagemapeditor
Development DB Browser for SQLite DB Browser for SQLite sqlitebrowser
Development Kompare Diff/Patch Frontend kompare
Development kdesvn SVN Client kdesvn
Development Mono Documentation Documentation Browser monodoc-{base,browser,manual} third-party repo
Development Mono Develop Integrated Development Environment monodevelop third-party repo
Graphics Gpick Color picker gpick
Graphics Dia Diagram Editor dia
Graphics Okular Document Viewer
Graphics GIMP Image Editor gimp
Graphics ImageMagick Display and edit image files imagemagick
Graphics Gwenview KDE Image Viewer
Graphics KolourPaint Paint Program kolourpaint4
Internet KTorrent BitTorrent Client
Internet Akregator Feed Reader
Internet FileZilla FTP Client filezilla
Internet Kopete Instant Messenger kopete
Internet Konversation IRC Client
Internet Thunderbird Mail Client thunderbird
Internet KTnef TNEF File Viewer
Internet Chromium Web Browser chromium chromium-browser
Internet Firefox Web Browser
Multimedia K3b Disk Burning
Multimedia VLC media player Media Player
Multimedia JuK Music Player juk
Multimedia Dragon Player Video Player dragonplayer
Multimedia PulseAudio Volume Control Volume Control
Office LibreOffice Suite Calc, Writer, Math, Draw, Base, Impress libreoffice
Settings GParted Partition Editor gparted
Utilities Kate Advanced Text Editor
Utilities Ark Archiving Tool
Utilities KMouseTool Automatic Mouse Click kmousetool
Utilities KCalc Scientific Calculator
Utilities KMag Screen Magnifier kmag
Utilities Spectacle Screenshot Capture Utility
Utilities KMouth Speech Synthesizer Frontend kmouth
Utilities Sweeper System Cleaner sweeper
Utilities KWrite Text Editor kwrite
Utilities Vim Text Editor
Utilities Java?

Ignored packages

This is stuff that was installed on 'tact' that we're not gonna keep. If it's installed by default that's okay and we don't care about that.

Section Program Description
Development JMeter Load Testing Application
Development Akonadi Console Akonadi Management and Debugging Console
Internet Contact Print Theme Editor Contact Print Theme Editor
Internet Contact Theme Editor Contact Theme Editor
Internet KMail Mail Client
Internet KMail Header Theme Editor KMail Header Theme Editor
Internet PIM Setting Exporter PIM Setting Exporter
Internet Sieve Editor Sieve Editor
Office KAddressBook Contact Manager
Office KOrganizer Personal Organizer
Utilities KMail Import Wizard KMail Import Wizard
Utilities KNotes Popup Notes
Utilities Jovie Text to Speech Service