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__NOTITLE__ Studying Bachelor of Arts. This is PHI110; the Philosophy, Morality and Society subject from Macquarie University. Undertaken Study Period 2, 2014. Content is quoted and/or summarised from the university website in fair dealing for purpose of research or study. See also: StudyWISE and AIMS.


See: key dates. Note: weeks start on Monday. Use the weekly template for new weeks.

Week Done Date Topic
Week 1 x 2 Jun 2014 Introduction: What is Moral Philosophy?
Week 2 x 9 Jun 2014 Epicurean Ethics
Week 3 x 16 Jun 2014 Stoic Ethics
Week 4 x 23 Jun 2014 Aristotle's Ethics
Week 5 x 30 Jun 2014 Cultural Diversity and Moral Relativism
Week 6 7 Jul 2014 Why be moral? Egoism and Self Interest Theories
Week 7 14 Jul 2014 Kant's Ethics
Week 8 21 Jul 2014 Utilitarianism
Week 9 28 Jul 2014 Animal Rights and Welfare
Week 10 4 Aug 2014 Global Justice
Week 11 11 Aug 2014 Historic Injustice and Indigenous rights
Week 12 18 Aug 2014 Justice, Immigration and Refugees
Week 13 25 Aug 2014 Revision


Unit guide

  1. Unit Guide Homepage (original)
  2. Teaching Staff and Communication (original)
  3. About this unit (original)
  4. OUA iLearn Template (original)
  5. UG Learning Outcomes (original)
  6. Assessment Summary (original)
    1. Assignment submission (original)
  7. Extensions, Special Consideration and Special Circumstances (original)
  8. Required and recommended texts and/or materials (original)
  9. Unit webpage and technology used and required (original)
  10. University Grading Policy (original)
  11. Academic honesty / Plagiarism (original)
  12. Student support services (original)
  13. Weekly schedule (original)
  14. Online Learning Support (original)

Essay guide

  1. Writing philosophy essays (original)
  2. Research (original)
  3. Writing (original)
  4. Format and structure (original)
  5. General tips (original)
  6. Writing process tips (original)
  7. Other advice on writing essays (original)
  8. Submission (original)
  9. Plagiarism (original)
  10. Referencing (original)
  11. A Sample Bibliography (original)
  12. When you get your essay back (original)

There are also two lectures:



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