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When completing a 300in1 project:

  1. take a video with the iPhone 'odin'
  2. connect 'odin' to Mac Book Pro 'condor' via USB
  3. from 'condor' open the Photos application
  4. select the 'odin' device
  5. import the video to the library
  6. click on 'Imports'
  7. select the new video
  8. right-click and Get Info
  9. in 'Add a Title' specify 300in1-XXX (XXX is three digit project number)
  10. click File -> Export -> Export Unmodified Original For 1 Video...
  11. File Name: Use Title
  12. click 'Export'
  13. choose tact:share/media/300in1
  14. upload to YouTube
  15. document the new project on the project page
    1. add a record to the projects table
    2. link to the YouTube video from the 'Notes' field in the projects table
    3. add the third-level heading for the completed project in its appropriate second-level section
    4. embed the YouTube video at the top of the project's section under its level three heading
    5. add any relevant notes in the project's section
  16. announce on programming@progclub

Upload to YouTube

When you upload to YouTube use these settings:

Science & Technology
Creative Commons - Attribution
jj5 300in1 lab XXX
This is project N of my 300in1 electronics lab. For full details see https://www.jj5.net/sixsigma/300in1
jj5, 300in1, Elenco, Electronics Lab
Comments and ratings
Allow 'All' comments and users can view ratings
Video language
English (United Kingdom)
Community contributions
Allow viewers to contribute translated titles, descriptions and subtitles/CC
Caption certification
This content has never aired on television in the US.
Suggest video imrpovements
Show edit suggestions
Video statistics
Make video statistics on the watch page publicly visible