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Hi there. I'm John. I have a 300in1 electronic project lab, and I am slowly making my way through the projects. The various projects are listed in the sample manual and duplicated in the projects section below. There are some admin notes for John's use.

# Date Made Worked Notes
004 2018-03-17 video


Long leg (anode) positive.

Short leg (cathode) negative. (Line/band near cathode).

IN60P: Germanium diode C4V7ST: Zener diode

Emitter - Collector - Base

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Surprise and Fun

Light-Controlled Bird

Transistor Radio

Sound Scooper

American Patrol Car Siren

This circuit uses an astable multivibrator.

Back to the Basics

Electronic Building Blocks

Putting Electronics to Work

Radio Circuits

Sonic Zoo and Sound Factory

Electronic Decision-Makers

Operational Amplifier IC Can Do Many Things

Introducing the Power Amplifier IC

A Trip to Digital Land

More Adventures in Digital Land

Circuits That Count

Getting Closer to Computers

Amusement in Digital Land

Analog meets Digital

Surprise and Fun Revisited

Testing and Measuring Circuits