These are some notes regarding my AliExpress order 8174514223983938. Note that they did not send me what I ordered, but I figured out pretty much what I ended up getting, so components have probably been filed in the correct drawer.

Note that ChatGPT helped me with this project, you can see my notes here.

At the bottom is a photo of my test rig. This was a special purpose build in which I wired in some SMD diodes along with male headers for testing purposes.

Following is a table of diodes and their type. The 'S4' diodes were inferred to be 1N5819 Schottky diodes based on their voltage drop (see my hard copy notes at bottom), the other diodes were inferred by way of testing with the MSO5074.

this is the numbered compartment in my blue soldering mat in which I kept components of this type.
this is the size of SMD diode.
the left hand side is the value etched into the diode (T4, S4, T7, A7), the right hand side is an instance number.
this is the co-ordinate on the perfboard from which diode soldering commenced.
this is the inferred type of the diode.
3 SOD-123 T4-1 A2 1N4148
5 SOD-123 T4-2 A6 1N4148
7 SOD-123 S4-1 1N5819
19 SOD-323 S4-2 1N5819
21 SOD-323 T7-1 A18 1N4148
23 SOD-323 T4-3 A10 1N4148
35 SOD-523 T4-4 A14 1N4148?
37 SOD-523 S4-3 1N5819
39 SOD-523 A7-1 A22 1N4007

The following image is of T4-{1,2,3,4}, note that they all look like switching diodes, and T4-4 is just a bit faster than the others.

  1. T4-1
  2. T4-2
  3. T4-3
  4. T4-4

The following image shows a THT IN4148 and IN4007 for reference, then T7 and A7. Note that T7 just looks like a normal IN4148 switching diode and A7 looks like a rectifier.

  1. IN4148 (for reference)
  2. IN4007 (for reference)
  3. T7-1
  4. A7-1

These were my hard copy notes:

This was my test rig:

Here's a labeled version of the test rig: