Rigol MSO5074

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In my lab I have a Rigol MSO5074 Mixed Signal Oscilloscope. I did some research before buying. Documentation is here:


The scope is available on my LAN here: http://rigol.jj5.net/

Passive probes

Note that over here it says "Wherever possible, use the 10:1 setting as this minimises loading on the circuit under test and increases the overload protection should you accidentally connect to a high voltage."


Spec Rating Upgradeable to
Bandwidth 70 MHz 350 MHz
Analog Channels 4 CH
Real-time Sample Rate 8 GSa/s
Memory Depth (single channel) 100 Mpts 200 Mpts
Waveform Capture Rate 500,000 wfms/s
Digital Channels 16 CH
Built-in Signal Source 2 CH
Passive Probes (x4) PVP2350
Digital Probe Kit PLA2216