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Blown fuse..?

Fri Jun 25 18:33:00 UTC+1000 2004


I looks like there is a blown fuse in my apartment.

I tried to turn the lights on, but non of the lights in my house are working..

At first I thought maybe a black out, but since I hadn't heard my UPS kick in, I tried some devices not on the UPS but not on the lights circuit. They worked fine.

So, I'm guessing its the light circuit fuse.

I went to look, but the light in the laundry was not functioning. I reckon if the designers of the fuse box were smart, they'd put the two lights from the kitchen and the laundry on separate circuits, so the probability that I could get light with a fuse problem was greater..

Anyway, the reason I had tried to turn a light on was because I was going to the bathroom, and since I was busting, I didn't want to spend time trying to re-fuse the lights. So, I went to the bathroom. Drawing back on a cigarette (I'm always smoking.. :) produces just enough of a glow to avoid bumping into furniture, etc.

I flashed my cigarette lighter to see where the toilet was, took aim, and let rip.

Mostly I could hear the 'tinkle' as I urinated. But right at the end, I couldn't hear very much.

I hope I haven't pissed all over my bathroom floor..

I'll wait until the sun comes up.. who needs light anyway.


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