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Feverishly coding..

Fri Jun 25 17:14:00 UTC+1000 2004


I'm not sure if I made my 48 hours. The last thing that I can remember doing last night was updating some stored procs to use GETUTCDATE... I think that was at around 4am, which means that I made it about 46 hours. Not bad.

I woke around 7am, I had passed out in my chair. I'd knocked a 'phantom' can of cola over, and it had spilled over my mouse. I just crawled under my desk and slept. I've been coding again since about 3pm this afternoon, after I woke up. I checked my e-mail, but it's been quiet. (about 100 messages, took me a few minutes to read and not reply to).

I found my computer how I remembered leaving it. Basically still open in EditPlus changing some templates. That's what I'm finishing up now.

Toward the end of my stint I was basically hallucinating. My monitor kept looking weird, the thing I noticed was how *conscious* I was. I could literally see the faint smears of grease across my monitor. Sometimes, because my eyes were so tired, I'd lose focus on the screen, and look 'through' it. the faint grease on the front, and the imperfections in the scan rate of the cathode ray gun, etc. left enough 'wobbliness' in the tube for my to 'see' things. I literally saw things in my monitor, like scenes of people walking past, etc.

Every now and again my eyes would totally bomb out, and I'd see flashes of light in my room. I'd look over to see what the cause of it was, and realise that it was just that my eyes were tired.

The little black bugs were everywhere.

I'm going to do it again.

I got so much done.

I love it.


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