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A new part of life..

Tue May 25 17:20:00 UTC+1000 2004


So I got glasses a few months ago. I only use them when I'm on the computer. I don't use them when I'm reading a book, because I tend to be lying down, or looking down when I'm reading a book, and the glasses either get in the way, or don't exist within the line of sight between my eyes and what I'm reading.

Because I only use them when I'm on my computer when I get up and go to the bathroom or kitchen or whatever, I tend to forget that I'm wearing them at the time that I stand up but then notice them and take them off as I'm walking. Then I put them down somewhere. Anywhere. I don't think about it, and I lose them.

For years I've had two modes:

1) At home
2) Not at home

When I'm at home, all the stuff that I need on my person when I'm not at home is in a specific place. I have a tray near the door that I keep my wallet, keys, and other stuff in, my phone goes on the charger, I know exactly what pockets I keep everything in, etc. and everything is dandy. I just know from this sort of subconscious uneasiness I get when something isn't in place.

I'm a smoker, and I know at all times where my cigarettes are. In fact, I know where my next one is, how long I can sustain myself before I require more, where I can get more, who I could ask for one in an emergency and even where I could find an old lady to rob for change if I happened to run out (OK, maybe I'm not that *organised*).

But now I have this new mode, this entirely new and foreign mode that my subconscious has not yet adapted too:

3) In front of computer

This is my most natural mode, but now it includes an entirely new facet, one that I'm having some trouble adopting to.

I hate losing my glasses.


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