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I don't dig animals..

Sat May 15 02:12:00 UTC+1000 2004


I was just catching up on some mail (been trying to sleep, but it is futile, oh well) and saw a story that reminded me of something.

I was on a farm once, not so long ago, and there were three horses. Two big ones, and a smaller one. A few of the people I was with went over to pat them and whatever. I stood back a little. Seriously, why would I want to go and touch a big animal..? Anyway, after a while I went closer too, because everyone else was there. I still kept a fair distance though, just waiting till everyone was done so that we could leave.

One of the horses looked at me, and I just looked at it. Then it trotted briskly towards me and past me, bumping me a little as it went past. Then the other two horses did the same thing, they were quite literally rounding me up. I guess that me and the horses had reached a mutual understanding. We didn't care much for each other.

Horses are big, strong animals, and when they choose to intimidate you they do a pretty good job. I just stood there really, I was nervous, but not panicky, so I remained calm as they jostled me a little. After running a few circles around me, they all broke off and formed a line about one to two meters to my left with there backs to me. I was standing with three horses butts facing me. All I saw was their hooves.

I decided very quickly that I was in a bad spot. I'm not sure if they were 'ignoring me' or lining me up for a 'boot to the head' (or shotgun to the face!) but whatever the case, I moved backwards quickly, I didn't run because I didn't want to startle them.

Then I walked a big arc around them and went back to the house.

I didn't go and see the horses again.

I hate animals.. and they know it.


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