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Me and 37

Sun Apr 18 21:33:00 UTC+1000 2004


If I had to pick a lucky number, it would easily be 37.

37 is the most awesome number, EVER.

When I was about 15 years old, this strange thing started to happen. I noticed how regularly when I looked at the clock it was 37 minutes past the hour. This happened for years. At first I just thought it was a bit odd, but after a while it was just uncanny. Some nights I'd be sitting in my room, and every hour I'd look up and see 37 past the hour, never looking at the clock at any other time. For years it felt like at least 50% of the time (maybe 37% of the time?) that I looked at the time it was 37 past. That's just not statistically normal. I attribute it to some sort of subconscious mechanism, that's been tuned on 37. The really interesting thing is that if this is true, it's absolutely amazing, because the clocks that I'd see the time on were not always at the correct time, even varying by several minutes in relation to each other. I would very rarely notice 36 or 38 past the hour though. If I did happen to glance at the clock at 36 past the hour, I'd keep watching the clock until it ticked to 37 past, generally I'd only have to wait for a few seconds. Because this happened for so long, I've even been able to verify it with my family, pointing out to them that it was 37 past, and that I'd just looked at the time. It still happens to me, I see 37 all the time, and when I do I just smile to myself.

37 has appeared in all sorts of totally weird places that have had some relevance to me too. No specific examples are jumping to mind however, but stuff like, I'll be allocated ticket number 37, or have to go to a meeting in room 37, etc. I see 37 often too, on billboards, or people's house number, etc. This has been so common that it's not even unusual anymore, it's to be expected. For example, in the Matrix there is a scene where the clock ticks to 37 past. There are plenty of other movies where 37 has featured.

At first, I just though 37 was cool, because it 'felt' like a 'special' number. I've always been a bit miffed with 42. Because the answer is in fact not 42. It's very clearly 37 (at least it is for me).

Since I've had the best part of 10 years to become well and truly acquainted with 37 (which is *my* number by the way) let me tell you a few cool things that I've noticed about it.

37 is prime.

3 is prime.

7 is prime.

37 is the 13th prime number (counting 1).

13 is culturally significant, typically 'unlucky'.

13 is prime.

A typical roulette table has 37 outcomes.

37 squared is 1369.

Again 13. 69 is also a culturally significant number. 1,3,6,9 is counting in 3's. (bad luck comes in 3's)

There are 60 minutes in an hour, meaning when it's 37 past, it's 23 to.

23 is also prime.

666 is evenly divisible by 37. 18 times.

666 is culturally significant, as the 'devils number' or the 'number of the beast'.

18 is culturally significant as it represents that age at which you legally become an adult (in my country).

3 times 7 is 21.

21 is culturally significant. It represents 'coming of age' so to speak.

37 backward is 73, which is also prime.

Anyway, thought you might like to know a few cool things about 37. The number with which I have a long-running and incredibly profound relationship. I'm not a superstitious guy, except for when it comes to 37. I have a very strong superstitious feeling that 37 is somehow connected to my life and my future.


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