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2004-04-18 1944

Sun Apr 18 20:24:00 UTC+1000 2004


Feel like blogging something, but there's not much going on.

Solved this problem this evening. That was fun.

Scotch was awesome last night. I love Woor.

I reckon tables in the middle of N:M mappings deserve to be entities in their own right. I hate it when people try and hide this abstraction. The 'joining entity' is regularly called upon to hold attributes that describe the relationship. It's not the same type of thing as a 1:N or 1:1 relationship. Meh.

Heard about MyGeneration, and checked out CodeSmith again this evening. Mine is better! :)

Came up with a cool way to describe a 'message' or a 'transaction' to be processed on my application server the other day. Learned a new term too, Planar Graph.

Saw a cool movie on DVD last weekend, Buffalo Soldiers. Just another 'straight to video' movie I think. But I really liked it. There was a cool scene at the end that I've still got in my head, where these dudes were in a basement cooking up heroin, and a fire-fight started, but these two dudes were fighting each other, and just stabbing each other in the chest. The movie was basically about 'warriors in peace time', and how there is always war. I though it was cool. The main character has a dream where he falls, but he always hits the ground. I don't remember my dreams very often, but I don't remember ever having a dream about falling. I've had dreams before where I get into trouble, and then I 'remember' that I can fly, so I just fly out of trouble. I remember getting killed in my dream once. That was weird. I got shot, and I died. Then I just saw myself lying dead on the pavement, I can remember it vividly:

It was on the pavement in Leura Mall, and someone was robbing my mum's shop, and when I went to go in the door the robbers were leaving, and I was just on the steps as they were trying to get out, then there was a split second where I just looked at them and realised what was going on, and they looked at me. My mum and other people (customers) were inside, and then one of them just kicked me back down the stairs, and I fell back, stumbling across the pavement onto a bench, sort of landing in some shrubs that are there (the actual location was true to life, i.e. exactly the same in my dream as it is in real life). Then they came down the steps, and I was sort of floundering, all off balance, and the guy that had pushed me raise his shotgun and looked at me for a moment while I was trying to get back to my feet, and then just shot me in the chest. Then I was dead. I didn't know what to 'dream about' next I guess. That was it. I was sort of shocked, and confused. I was thinking “no, this can't be right”. But it had already happened. I was dead on the pavement. My perspective had changed so that I could see myself, instead of being myself (i.e. in the dream my perspective changed from first person to third person). Anyway, I didn't wake up, but I regained conscious control of my dream, and decided that it just wouldn't do. So, I 'replayed' the part where I walked up the steps, several times. Each time I did something different, and made sure I didn't die. Tried killing them. Tried running away. Tried capturing them. But I woke up shortly after. I kept replaying the scenario, but I kept remembering that they had actually killed me. I wasn't really upset or anything. Just confused really. I don't know who they were, they were wearing masks. Apparently, dying in your dreams is supposed to represent an 'end'. So, yeah. I don't recall any falling dreams, but I remember being killed in my dream once, it was years ago, but I can still remember it to this day..


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