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So, what do you look like?

Wed Apr 14 07:26:00 UTC+1000 2004


I was asked recently what I look like. Here're some pictures of me floating around on the web:

As the addict (see the fridge)

As Gandalf (I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!)

As a Hacker (from the movie Hackers)

As a Smoker (Team Smokey)

At the meat party

As a (hairy) Ninja

As a visitor (from high-school)

In the group hug (you can just feel the love)

As smokey scotch (like the Spice Girls, only cooler!)

In the Midnight Oil and Metallica poses

From South Park (Iím the hard c*nt at the bottom)

Wife beater?

My artist's impression (I really feel this picture sums up my spiritual essence :)

Then, there is my my favorite one.

I deny all allegations that there is a picture of my penis floating around on the internet.


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