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Seriously, you don't know what addiction is. ;)

Mon Mar 1 01:29:00 UTC+1100 2004


I have the worst headache in the world. My head is throbbing. I made the terrible mistake of not having three coffees the moment that I woke up, and I have run out of cola.

I've been sort of busy for the last week, and have sort of 'skipped' a few things, like washing, shaving, eating, and cleaning up after myself. So, as it is, my 'office' now resembles something like a cross between a coke factory, a cigarette warehouse, and a dump. Thus, I have *evidence*.

Notice if you will, Exhibit A:


Perhaps the pictures are not clear, so let me summarize:

Over 20 empty cigarette packets. Enough bottles and cans to contain over 100L of fluid, these *used* to contain cola. You will also notice, at least 3 empty coffee mugs, empty chip packets, and bowls of 2-minute noodles. Frankly, it's been a light week (seriously).

Now, never tell me that you are an addict again. You don't drink too much caffeine, you don't smoke too much, and you do eat well. Trust me. You do not understand the meaning of the word addict. ;)

Man, I got to get some more coffee..


p.s. You may or may not believe me, but this is deadset authentic, I did absolutely nothing to 'setup' these photo's beyond hang around for a few days, just 'doing what I do'..

p.p.s. Hey, if you're gonna do something, you might as well do it properly right?

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