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Cisco online quiz

Mon Mar 15 21:48:00 UTC+1100 2004


So I'm doing this networking course, it's all online via Cisco. It's basic networking stuff, and sitting through the material is about as exciting and challenging as watching grass grow. For example, I got to wait for 40 minutes the other day while the tutor explained (over and over and over) how a bit-wise logical AND works. Sure, I'm arrogant. But you're stupid.

Oh, and on stupidity, get this. Cisco has this little 'quiz' that they give you at the end of a 'module'. They marked me wrong for saying that Silcon and Carbon are insulators. Fucking idiots.

Before you bother to tell me, I know about carbon and silicon OK. I know about the doping process, and that each has metalic and non-metalic properties. I'd prefer to put both of them in insulators if I had to choose a single box, as would anyone else with half a brain.

The more I think about this, the angrier I get. The people responsible for this course-work are probably as doped up as the silicon in the ICs in the computer they used to record it. Of course, they agree that 'glass' isn't a good conductor, I wonder what they think it is made from..?



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