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Man, the world is insane

Thu Mar 11 12:58:00 UTC+1100 2004


I don't want to spend too much time on this just now. But I had the most bizarre night. I'm convinced that the entire world is just insane. Normal people just share similar insanity. Nevertheless, sometimes you can witness extreme craziness, and last night I did.

I ended up chatting to a homeless guy on the train while I was on my way back from rugby training. He was heading to Gosford because he knew a place out there that he could sleep in the bush. He'd been in Katoomba during the day to redeem a food voucher but didn't stay in the mountains because it was cold and damp.

Long story short, I took him to my place, let him have a shower and washed his clothes for him, gave him a feed, had a 'chat' and gave him a bed to sleep in.

I really think this story is worthy of a write up in the Adventures section. So, so, so, so crazy.


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