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See, I travel!

Wed Mar 10 05:44:00 UTC+1100 2004


It's 5:30am. I just got home. Rather than coming directly home last night when I got on a train at Central at about 11:30pm I thought it would be dandy to just zip by NEWCASTLE on my way home.

You know, because I just don't get out to NEWCASTLE as much as I would like. I guess I probably don't go out there much because it's 2 HOURS away from my place, but you know, last night I just really felt like I should go there.

NEWCASTLE is a great place to visit in the middle of the night. The train station just comes to life at 2:37am. I'm really pleased that I've had this worldly experience, you know if you haven't visited NEWCASTLE train station early on a Wednesday morning then you've probably been leading a sheltered life and you really should get out and see more of the world, like I did.

So, I'm not at all upset that it's 5:30am and I just got home. I mean it only really took about 6 hours for me to get home, which is quite reasonable considering that I got to squeeze in a visit to NEWCASTLE on the way.


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