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Man, something is leaking like a bitch..

Fri Feb 27 02:24:00 UTC+1100 2004


I'm not sure who the culprit is, but this is unprecedented.

My system has run out of window handles and I only have 25 apps open, and half of them are IE. I've got two VS.NET, WinZip, Outlook (+4 e-mails that I had to close so that I could get up another IE window to write this blog entry), 2xMSDN, 1xExplorer, 1xEditPlus (with 3 documents) and all the rest are IE windows with humble graphical requirements.

NewsGator, it's you! I know it's you! Stop it, now! I was pissed off about it taking one minute to 'not spell check an e-mail before I sent it', but now I'm fuming, a reboot is going to take at least ten minutes to shut down everything, boot and open everything back up. I hate you! Hate, hate, hate! Give me my window handles back, they're mine damn it!

Oops.. I take it all back. I'm sorry NewsGator, I love you. Let's start again:

Visual Studio .NET 2003, wtf do you think you are doing with 63,183 handles? Seriously? That's about 70 times more than anyone else, talk about greed. I mean, Outlook has NewsGator running, and it's only got 769! You know, I'm not sure what a USER Object is, but 6,308 seems like far too many to me, and settle down on the GDI requirements buddy. Next you'll try and blame me right? Got a lapsed listener in one of my forms don't I? It's blocking your designer finalizer isn't it? Yeah, sure, nice one. I'm so pissed off right now, now I'm going to have to close visual studio aren't I? Hrmph! Come on, seriously, I haven't even got any documents open, clean up after yourself or something will you! The code *isn't finished*, it doesn't have to work yet! Arrgh!

Ooops again. I'm having a shocker. VS.NET, I'm sorry, I love you. Let's try again:

WinAmp 3! You are a peice of shit! You leak like a bitch and you suck dogs balls. I am uninstalling you tonight, and I don't care if you can display in my systray and not in my task bar.

This time, I'm sure! The culprit has been discovered, and has been duely terminated with extreme prejudice.

NewsGator, I love you.

VS.NET, I love you too.

WinAmp, I love you, but version 3.0 is off my system in the next 30 seconds, understand? There's a 2.x something that doesn't leak like this right?


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