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Australia's urban water crisis

Fri Apr 8 19:34:00 UTC+1000 2005


Just watched this story from Four Corners, City Limits: Australia's urban water crisis.

I was trying to pay attention to what's going on in the world, but I got side tracked.

I hate journalists. Tugging on heart strings and driving agendas, rather than giving me the facts in a concise manner.

I wish I hadn't have wasted my time.

I'm pretty sure that I'm a low water user. Most of my drinking water comes in cola bottles, for about 50c per litre. I probably wash once every two or three days on average, I don't flush the toilet after I piss, I don't wash a car, fill a swimming pool, or water a garden, and I do a load or two of washing about once every three or four weeks.

I suspect that I'm a high electricity user, if you look at my house hold consumption. But I also suspect that I personally use very little electricity compared to most people as I derive massive efficiencies by working and living in the same place. And I don't have a car, thus I don't tend to consume petrol.

Good work me! :)

That said, I do create a lot of waste, particularly plastic, and paper. I'd say though that about 80% (by volume?) of my waste goes into the recycle bin. Mostly my rubbish is empty plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, cigarette butts and packaging from processed food.

What's the go with “Program Index” over on the ABC's site. Have they given up on programme?

I've been reading Fuzzy Thinking this evening. I'm gonna go finish reading that now.


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