(2003 to 2005)

Setting goals

Fri Apr 8 15:58:00 UTC+1000 2005


I was lying in bed the other night. Just about to fall asleep, and I realised that I don't really have any goals.

Personal goals, that is. Although I try to achieve things every day, I'm never sure what it is that I'm trying to achieve for myself.

That is, I'm not really trying to build a business, or buy a house, or attract a partner, or further my career, or save money, or prepare for a holiday, or waiting to see the world, etc.

Those things are all kind of happening though. But I'm not consciously shaping my life toward any specific end.

I just kind of take it day by day.

I'm not sure that it's really useful to enumerate a set of long term goals.

The future is unpredictable.

I reckon it's probably best to figure out who you are, and then just deal with now.

If you know who you are, and focus on the here and now, then the future will be everything it can be.

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