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Scary movies

Sat Apr 2 16:49:00 UTC+1100 2005


I hate scary movies.

I did so well to avoid them, for so many years.

I believe that because of the limited and somewhat atypical exposure I've had to audio-visual media over the course of my life that I respond to it in a slightly different way to others. For example, I have trouble having a conversation, or listening to someone while I'm watching TV, because I get engrossed in it (usually in loathing of what I am beholding), and I tend to recall the plot, and the lines, fairly well (although I hardly ever know the names of the actors, directors, etc.).

I realised this a long time ago, and resolved to keep unwanted shit out of my head, by refusing to watch fictional movies that I knew in advance were designed to disturb you. I don't mind being disturbed by reality, but I'd just as soon try to avoid that too, as negative thoughts are not something that I consider useful.

This year I've really let myself slide.

Saw, The Ring 2, and Constantine all bother me.

I'm going to address this slip, and strengthen my resolve to avoid such films again.

Once that shit is in your head, you can't get it out, and it doesn't serve any useful purpose. It does nothing save to distress you periodically. I don't claim to understand what further effects such media might have on your subconscious, but suffice to say I believe they are not likely to be positive.

That is all.


p.s. I thought Hating Alison Ashley was awesome. Go see that. :)

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