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You're a child. Deal with it.

Sat Apr 2 16:32:00 UTC+1100 2005


I'm not sure if I've commented on this, but it's pretty amazing.

There is some law in caching, that says that data that appears close to each other in time, tends to be used at the same time during processing, or something along those lines. That's why things like read-ahead buffers are useful, and part of the way CPU and HDD caches work, etc.

I'm not sure what that law is called. I could look it up I guess, but I'm not really that interested in the term, just the idea.

I've noticed, since I started this blog (...since 2003) that the strangest things happen.

I swear this internet thing of ours really is some crazy 'hive mind'.

Because so often, I'll end up thinking about something, and arrive at some sort of hypothesis, or conclusion, or whatever, and then come back to my computer only to find that exactly what I was thinking about, or what I had concluded, arrives in my computer via email, or RSS.

It's bizarre.

For example, yesterday, I made the firm analogy of adults with children. In the most profound and useful way I've ever conceived such an analogy. Standing at the train station, and watching people interact, I was convinced. I found a greater insight into humans, and the way they behave as a result. I explicitly realised things I hadn't previously.

Then when I got home this evening, I saw this.

That sort of shit happens to me *all the time*.

I haven't yet determined if the reason is because I only notice things after I have come to understand them in some way, or if something more interesting is going on.

It's a small world.

A small world full of children, that is.

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