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Am I lying...?

Tue Jan 25 02:55:00 UTC+1100 2005


When I went to get my eyes tested I had to do a few eye tests (erm.. obviously..)

The first test was on a machine where you look through a lens and stuff comes up on a screen.

When you see squiggles, you're supposed to press a button.

I did the best I could, and when I was finished, I asked the doctor how I'd done.

He said yeah, you got them all... and a few more.

In other words, he suspected that I was trying to fake him out.

That just pissed me off, because I hadn't attempted any such thing.

Today I had to do an aural test. They play noises and you press the button when you hear them.

After I'd finished the test, I asked the doctor: “So, did I lie?”, with a big smile on my face.

He answered: “No. You didn't lie.”

“So how's my hearing?”

“It's good. It's NORMAL.” 

I really did like those guys.

Best doctors in the world! :)

p.s. I'm 176cm tall, and weigh 80kg. (with deep, dark eyes and a hunger for fun and romance, ladies call 1800-2HOT-4YOU)

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