(2003 to 2005)

Wed Dec 8 15:02:00 UTC+1100 2004


Did I mention that I have a domain called, and that the domain controller is SMITH?

Well I do. ;)

Although in order to send you this message, I've had to get through

JOHNNY5 broadcasts my pirate signal via the NEBUCHADNEZZAR. ( That's the cool name I came up with for my DSL router in the end ). Every five minutes he begs my POP3 servers for more input.

BENDER knows everyone in cyberdyne, but is unaware of the matrix. ( FreeBSD 5.3. DNS server ). Sometimes he lies, and claims authority he doesn't have.

ASTRO carries great burdens ( shit box file server ) and is friendly ( guest computer ) with rocket boosters built into his feet and lazers that come out of his fingers! ( well, he has a lazer printer attached at any rate ).

MACHINE guards cyberdyne. VOLTRON guards the matrix.

DROID is lost and confused, unaware of the matrix. Kicking it on cyberdyne. Looking for purpose.

SMITH guards The Source ( 60 GB RAID 5 share ). He knows everything about the matrix ( DNS, WINS ), and can move in and out of any software still hardwired to the matrix ( domain policy ;).

TERMINATOR remembers everything. And I mean *everything*. Debian Woody. Subversion source control. If you need something from the past, you can be sure that it'll Be Back.

DOOM is cool. And by cool I mean totally sweet. He hangs out in the matrix. Presently kickin' it with Sarge.

MOTHER looks after the archives in the matrix. She's very old. She's been with us since the begining. She has many eyes.

TRIMAXIAN is untouchable. Very fast. Very awesome. Buried deep underground; where it's still warm. His big eye ( a webcam ) takes a picture of me every 37 seconds.

VIKING is now operational. He's slumming it on 10.37.0/24 inviting dark creatures from afar to lurk in the gutter.

R2D2 talks. In code. The Force is strong in this one.

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