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Tick Tock

Wed Dec 8 13:45:00 UTC+1100 2004


Open a web broswer.

In the address bar, type:


After that cut and paste the following:!/mtvi/bands/s/stefani_gwen/what_are_you_waiting_for_long_version_full_416.wmv?auth=caCd3a1c4bmbOdScAdRdbaaa2chaWcoaybS-bbTVY0-dHa-ACHytD&aifp=ver_05

Make sure that you get all of it, and that there are no line breaks.

Press Enter.

Windows media player should come up and start buffering.

Press Alt-Enter.


p.s. Check out the subtle iPod and HP branding.

p.p.s. I'm insane enough to make it big in Japan one day too. ;)

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