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Sun Oct 17 20:49:00 UTC+1100 2004


When I was a kid, I was baby sitting my younger siblings while my parents were out.

It was my first time ever baby sitting by myself. And I'd had to convince Mum and Dad that I was 'grown up' and responsible enough to 'handle the job'.

I'd done pretty well, and after having been a 'cool and groovy' big brother for a little while, I'd got everyone off to bed.

It was late (not that late, maybe 10pm, but it was dark) and I was hanging out in the back room of our house in Glenbrook by myself.

I spent a few hours reading some short stories by Alfred Hitchcock in a book of Mum's that I'd found in the book cabinet while I was looking for something 'grown up' to do while I waited for my parents to arrive home.

After a few stories I was so scared it wasn't funny.

I really don't think I've ever been more terrified in my life.

Anyway, the funny thing is what I did next.

Everything was so quiet, and I was scared. So, being the good Catholic boy that I was, I tip toed over to the book shelf and found my *BIBLE*.

Hahaha! 8P

I started at Genesis.

I ended up falling asleep on the lounge before Mum and Dad got home.

Mum laughed at how she'd come home and found me in the back room with my bible next to me and my hands clasped while I slept still sitting up in the chair (like I was praying ;)

Oh dear. :)

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