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Going for breakfast

Sun Oct 17 04:11:00 UTC+1100 2004


I went up the road for breakfast with my dad this morning.

There was nothing much open, so I went to the club.

I'm a member, but my membership lapsed, and I had to become a new member. No drama, but just painful. You know, you're going to pop in somewhere for breakfast, then you have to fill out forms and do the 'paper work' before they'll let you in.

Then we go over to the restaurant and they ask where we'd like to sit. We say outside. They say you can't order food if you sit outside.

What the fuck!?

Yeah, new government regulations or something. You can 'duck out side' (read: fuck off outside) to smoke, but you can't be served food out there.

So we say inside, like the good little proles we are. Ate our food. Paid our money. Then went away.

Just like all the other good little spiritless, lifeless consumers.

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