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Hairy Chest

Thu Oct 7 19:48:00 UTC+1100 2004


When I was a kid, I couldn't wait to have a hairy chest.

I wanted one just like my Dad, and all the other men that I knew.

I wanted to be a man.

And you know what? Now I have one.

I *love* my body hair. For me, it's a sign of my masculinity. My *manliness*.

What's funny is there seems to be a whole heap of people, women particularly, who claim they don't like hairy men.

I noticed that progressively more and more bare chests on television etc. over the past 20 years have been becoming hairless. Now they practically all are.

I've had countless women gawk, and young (and even old) blokes jaws drop when I took off my shirt somewhere.

I remember playing footy with some mates in high-school, and we all took our shirts off, and I was the only one with nice, thick, black hair on my chest. They all sort of looked sideways at me, but never said anything.

I was swimming once, chatting to a tart that a mate was shagging for the w/e (that was the extent of the relationship :P) and she asked casually “so, have you ever thought about shaving your chest?”


Little gutless, pussy whipped, pretty boys can shave their chest and cow tow to, and try to attract, shallow women, but it's not a game that I'm going to play.

I love my hairy chest! Sometimes I just stand in front of the mirror and admire it, thinking to myself “Hey there STUD. Wow, checkout your manliness!“

John (Alpha Male) Elliot.

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