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I didn't shop at HMV again! :)

Thu Oct 7 18:36:00 UTC+1100 2004


I love not shopping at HMV.

I mentioned recently that I wanted to get the Iggy Pop single I'm Bored. I wasn't able to find it while I wasn't at HMV, but I did manage to purchase a few CDs (not from HMV) earlier this week:

I got The Stooges (the band Iggy Pop was in) albums "Fun House" and "The Stooges" (self titled) for $10 each.

I got Matchbox 20 "More than you think you are" for $17.50 and Blur "Think Tank" for $17.50.


I actually picked these up at Borders (not HMV).

I'm afraid I've become a Borders slut.

I think that place is awesome.


On the bright side, I didn't go to HMV!!! (just like I NEVER will :)

I'm listening to the Matchbox 20 album now. The reason I got it was because I *love* the song Unwell. But there are plenty of other great songs on this album. “All I need“ stands out too.


Talking 'bout the dream like the dream is over. Talk like that won't get you nowhere.
-- Matchbox 20.

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