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Oh yeah! HITS THE BIG TIME!!!1@1!!!!!11!!

Mon Oct 4 03:20:00 UTC+1100 2004


[Update: initially I posted this to all categories, but it was giving me the shits turning up in there, so I've taken it out of all categories..]

At long last, my happy site has attracted a troll.

A person who suggests that I should “get a life”, that I “suck” and who thinks that people “pay money” for this.

It's an honour to be despised like this. Really.

I wonder if a person who spends their time posting hate mail other people's forums can claim to know what “having a life” is..?

Oh well, I'm chuffed nontheless.

I got my first comment spam, I got my first hate mail, now it's only a matter of time before I get to publish a shitty book with info I gathered from usenet so that I can label myself an 'expert'!


p.s. I'm so totally awesome. Way awesomer than you are, lowly spammer. Yeah! You're gay!

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