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I hate you.

Sun Oct 3 17:06:00 UTC+1100 2004


I was just reading about The Corporation, and doing some general 'surfing'.

After reading for a while, and thinking about media, it struck me that I don't know anything about Fox News. I know about CNN, but not Fox News. Every now and again I'll comment on how pathetic the news on CNN is to an American and they often say “not as bad as Fox...“

I didn't even know what Fox was.

So tonight I just had a guess that they'd have a web site, and that I sould have a look.

I tried first. I guess it's affiliated, but that wasn't it. After spending 20 seconds being disgusted, I tried

I haven't even read their web site yet. I came straight here (my blog) to post this message.

I've just recently started using this new workstation of mine for browsing. I have IE and FireFox installed, and I use them for different things (I need IE to use my blog). I don't have proxomitron running on this machine, because I haven't got the time to administer it. I'm not used to that. I'm used to not being able to use the web because my proxy blocks it. That's a *good thing* but it's also annoying.

The point is that I'm not used to popup windows. I haven't had to deal with them for very long time. I guess I just don't spend much time on the shitty parts of the web that have them. In the past if I did, then my proxy took care of them for me. Blah, blah.

When I opened the Fox News web site I got a 'pop under' (the most devious annoying fucking thing in the world). I tabbed over to it before reading the main page because it caught my eye (because I don't get them very often). This is what I saw from the Fox News web site:

I'm not going to crap on.

I hate you.

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