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How could anyone sit through this movie?

Mon Sep 27 07:13:00 UTC+1000 2004


The problem with a question like this is that it's a stupid question.

Clearly the way that a person sits though a movie is to, um, sit through the movie.

Even that's stupid, because what you're really saying is you “observe the movie over a period of time”. “Sitting through” just means that you observe the movie for its entire duration. Although I don't believe there is necessarily an expectation that a person observed the credits in order to claim they “sat through the movie.“

Perhaps the best way to approach this type of problem would be to compile a large database of common phrases, nonsensical as they may be, and provide a correct English translation where 'intent' is clear.

If you keep studying this Dave, you're going to realise that language is meaningless. You won't be able to avoid it.

I have negative sentiment for language generally. Specifically I have negative sentiment for the question “How could anyone sit through this movie?“


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