(2003 to 2005)

Test this!

Sun Dec 7 14:34:00 UTC+1100 2003


I just posted something to ProgSoc and realised that I'd suggested using a file named 'test.html', when really the file could have been called anything, and perhaps 'foobar.html' would have been more apt.

Anyway, it struck me that I always call my files 'test*' when I'm throwing something quick together. Other favorites are 'meh', 'asdf', and of course 'foobar', but I mostly use those words for content, 'test' is by far the most common for file names. Interested in seeing just how common I went to the console, and ran on my home drive (where only my files / documents are kept):

H:\>dir test* /s

and guess what:

     Total Files Listed:
            3461 File(s)     49,927,791 bytes
            1148 Dir(s)  37,637,980,160 bytes free

That's out of control! Of course being the sort of obsessive compulsive guy that keeps everything probably doesn't help.. =P


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