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My Dishwasher is broken

Mon Sep 13 23:37:00 UTC+1000 2004


My dishwasher broke a few weeks ago.

I'm no stranger to not having a dishwasher. I'm a professional underwater ceramic technician.

However, having had a dishwasher for some time now, when it broke, I went on strike, protesting it.

It hasn't adjusted its attitude.

So, I haven't been eating.

Sometimes I get so hungry that I get a dirty bowl and spoon, then get some Cocoa Puffs and UHT milk and make myself some cerial.

Mostly though, I've been living on cola and chocolate.

I had a kebab last night.

I had a chicken roll on the weekend.

I think my new mouse's battery lasts less time at the computer than I do. It might be that which is the cause of my present angst. Or maybe it's poor nutrition..

I feel impeeded. My computers feel slow, and my fingers feel clumsy..

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